058_What is success?

September 21, 2021 Danét & Lar Palmer
058_What is success?
Show Notes

In today’s episode we’re talking about what our criteria for success is, and how that effects our present moment happiness. 
When we compare how we see our lives to how we see the lives of the icons we revere, we are bound to come up short. 
The truth is, we only have our perception of what their life is like. And perception is a fickle thing, depending on our own personal filters and mental programming. 
This is why it is so important to question what we believe and why we set the standards we do for ourselves. 

What is your definition of success? 
What standards have you subscribe to, whether consciously or unconsciously? 
Where did you get that idea? 
Who are the icons you want or try to emulate?  
How much do you compare yourself to those icons you revere? 
Do you feel less compared to them? What do you believe reaching that iconic state will give you? 
Do you have your happiness tied to achieving that future state or end product? 
Are you trading your present joy for some promised outcome by the so-called experts in your preferred field?
What is it about being rich or famous or put on a pedestal in our field, that makes us want to ‘be like that’?

We can only be ourselves anyway. Wishing it were different only causes internal stress. 
We always know if we’re being true to ourselves, or trying to be something we’re not in the hopes that down the road we’ll like ourselves better, by the way we feel. Right? 

Here at THE YUMMY WAY we call that our ‘yummy-stat’. —That internal barometer that guides us toward our true north in our individual lives.
Knowing and embracing your own way of doing things — delighting in what brings you joy is crucial to enjoying the journey, moment to moment. It’s what keeps life exciting and personally rewarding as we go along. 

Sure make goals. But don’t have your idea of success tied to outcomes. Don’t let what someone else’s life looks like on the outside determine how you measure your success or happiness. 
It never works. 
Externals never make us happy. 
Reaching a goal feels good. By it isn’t the acquisition of the goal that gives us happiness. Contrary to what we’ve been told. 
Happiness is our natural state. When we’re striving we’re in stress. When we stop striving, the relief to our system is palpable. It feels good. We feel happy. That is until our ego or success-progamming tells us that’s not enough and sends us on another quest for more. Yes?

This moment is truly all we have to  work with. Regardless of what we believe. Have you ever lived in any moment but the one you are in? No.

It’s all in how we’re looking at life.
Is ife happening to you? Or is life happening for you? 
When you look at life as a gift — like whatever comes your way is ‘for’ you to be happy, it changes the way you make choices. 

Making the moment to moment choice to love and accept ‘what is’ wholeheartedly and choose to find the joy in it, is my definition of a successful life.

Isn’t the reason you want that money, that fame, that perfect relationship or whatever your definition of success is — isn’t the reason you want that because you believe it will make you happy? 
If ultimately happiness is the goal, why not choose to be happy with the moment you are in —accepting all the current circumstance and events coming together to make this particular moment happen for you — then moment to moment, let that joy guide the choices you make for what’s next?

Have a yummy week & a yummy day!