056_Inevitability & Present Moment Choices

September 07, 2021 Danét Palmer, Parker Smith & Annika Bryn Burton
056_Inevitability & Present Moment Choices
Show Notes

Okay first off —get this out of the way … We experimented with using video this time around and uhm, the video didn’t take. Ultimately we decided that what feels yummy, for now, is to stay with our regular format for the podcast. 

In today’s podcast episode we’re talking about accepting life exactly as it is and what part we play in making legit choices while still accepting the inevitability that what life is bringing us as part of our particular life path. 

When faced with a ‘big scare’ like COVID or cancer, the tendency is to lead with fear — to compulsively look for data that will appease the feeling of powerlessness we have.  We think the ‘right’ data will mitigate the fears we have.  Our mind’s can go crazy looking for data -who’s right and who’s wrong. 

But what’s underneath all of that is the fear of death… The fear of lack of control…
The truth is, we have no control. And we all have a terminal condition. It’s called life. We’re all going to die. 

Ultimately that’s the biggie. We’re afraid of dying. Yet it is, like the saying goes, inevitable.  We’re all going to die. We all have a terminal condition. When death comes, it comes. It could be a freak accident or an undiagnosed illness or a heart attack … And whether we want to believe it or not, there is nothing we can do to prevent its coming. 

Will we be ready? Not if we’re constantly leaving the present moment in fear of  fantasies of future disasters we’re trying to stave off. 
Our minds spin stories of future what-if’s. And we leave the presence of our own being in the current moment we’re in — the only moment that is actually accurate. 
Now is the only moment that can give us honest data — our own experience.

This dynamic is the same conversation with life we’re always presented with.  I’m not saying we don’t gather information so that we can come to a place where we have clarity of mind. Maybe follow controls — but not out of fear, but from a place of self-love. What feels like the most loving things for us to do right now.

The key for me is where am doing life from. Am I reacting to circumstances or am I flowing with life — accepting what is, because that’s what is, and making present moment decisions that feel ‘right’ and ‘true’ for me? If I’m reacting in fear, it controls my choice. But by accepting the actuality of what’s happening, I can make choices that feel most loving for me. And the wild thing is, is that that’s always the best way I can serve my fellow beings. 

There’s so much we don’t know. But what we do know, is the knowing of our own experience. And it’s never going to lie to us. We can get all the data we need for right now — by presencing ourselves in the moment we’re in. 

It just takes a moment — take a breath  and presence yourself in the moment. Once you have your own presence you can choose what feels most loving — what feels yummy — right now. 
We make choices that feel more life-giving in the moment. 

Can we let go of everything we think is wrong or we fear in right now, and come back home to ourselves — back to the yummy space inside? Yes!