053_If You Had All Unlimited Money, How Would You Be Living Your Life?

July 06, 2021 Danét Palmer, Parker Smith & Annika Bryn Burton
053_If You Had All Unlimited Money, How Would You Be Living Your Life?
Show Notes

Today we’re talking about what we value and why.
What do we believe makes us happy?
Do we have it attached to things like money and status?

Money plays a huge role in the collective belief that more will make us happy.
We spend so much of our lives living to an internal script dictating what we need to acquire or accomplish, the status or wealth that we believe that once acquired will bring us happiness. Right?

What role does money play in your idea of happiness?

In today’s episode  we share about when we got together and the very different perspectives we had about what happiness is.
Lar had all the trappings, the material things, the finer things in life.
I had love and an inner joy and none of the trappings.

This coming together was a catalyst for a complete re-evaluation of old ideas and beliefs about what abundance and happiness are, and a surrender of the old storyline in favor of living present to the moment to moment life we’ve been given.

Lar shares about his transformation from the material world to the world of Love.
Funny thing too, something we saw up close and personal — Everything necessary remains. 

What serves the purpose of love and joy comes to us in ways we could never have imagined through the old storyline of striving and acquisition. 

From the base of love and acceptance of life just as it is, we realize that we always have what we need. Each present moment is happiness-ready.  If only we don’t resist because we believe something else would be better, we can realize how abundant life already is.

The thing is, as long as we can transfer our happiness onto trappings, we often won’t take the journey inward toward true abundance.

Life is so generous. It is always bringing us opportunities to pause the trajectory we’re on that isn’t bringing us happiness, and invites us surrender and live a true and authentic life.

What is your idea of abundance? 

When we have abundance twisted up in material values outside ourselves, nothing is ever enough. We believe that striving is crucial to get to happiness someplace down the road. 

But what if that’s just a misperception? 

Can you drop the story you’ve been telling yourself and check within for what is essentially you? 

When every ‘thing’ is stripped away, what remains is our being.  It is our ability to choose how we see, how we feel, and what we bring to the world that is authentically us. 

The purpose of life is to be happy... Isn’t that why we do whatever it is we do? Even when we’re in conflict, don’t we believe that having the upper hand will make us happy?  Ultimately, everything we choose to do, we believe will somehow bring us happiness. 
Why not start with being happy, now? Let go of your story for just now, and find out for yourself.

The yummy way is saying yes to what is, right here and now.  
Regardless of what your storyline is, if you are resisting what is… thinking you need more of something to be happy, it’s a signal from life to pause and let go of the storyline... and see that you are enough. 
In an instant you can feel that release of letting go of the story you’ve been telling and just be… and see that life is abundant and you can be at ease with whatever is going on. 
Take a breath.
Let go.
Feel the aliveness of being — the quiet joy that happiness resides within you now.

Have a yummy week & a yummy day!