051_AGE — It’s Just a Number — Right?

June 15, 2021 Danét Palmer, Parker Smith & Annika Bryn Burton
051_AGE — It’s Just a Number — Right?
Show Notes

 “Getting old is like climbing a mountain; you get a little out of breath, but the view is much better!" - Ingrid Bergman

Lar and I are just arriving at the ‘prime’ of our lives as far as I’m concerned. It’s funny how as we age that number of what prime changes. Especially the more we live in the present moment.

I can honestly say, “This moment is the prime of my life!” Not only because I know that this moment is the only moment there is — so why cheat myself by thinking the past was the prime, when this moment is the only one I have and have ever had. So it’s the prime of my life because I want it that way!

This time of our lives is the only time we have to live in. So why look back? Why tell yourself you’re too old for this or that? If you hear yourself saying something like this, check inside to see what your beliefs around age are. Are those beliefs inhibiting your ability to be present in the situation with all the circumstances that go with this present prime?

Why do we try to hang on to this illusion of youth? Why not settle in to the ‘you’ you actually are right now? Accept it all as it is. That feels yummy!

Lar tells us about his relationship with his beautiful head of hair, and the loss of it, both with age and radiation treatments. He finally bit the bullet and shaved his head. He tells me he looks in the mirror and sees this old guy.  And that’s what started us talking about what age really is.

What we see, or the changes our body’s go through as a natural course of living a life, doesn’t really reflect how we feel inside.

We’re always the same age inside. The same me that looks in the mirror now is the same one that was looking in the mirror when I was 21 or even three years old discovering the mirror for the first time. Isn’t that the truth for all of us?

We, as a society, worship youth.  And too often as we grow older we try desperately to hold on to that youthful appearance. We need to ask ourselves why?
We think we want to do something because we think it means something — but it’s never about what we think it means.  What is it we’re trying to get? If it’s not for the joy of it, reconsider. Check your motives.

How we look changes as we age, and we never really see reality. What we see doesn’t really reflect who we actually are, right? The only thing we really know is our own experience.

If you are love, you are beautiful.  When you’re happy, beauty shines from within.

As we age time mutates, yes? We find ourselves saying, was that last year, or ten years ago or yesterday? But there’s also this sweet slowing down and appreciating life moment to moment that happens. It’s beautiful.

As we age we quit trying to control everything and our values become more and more about appreciating the moments we’re living.
We quit driving for what we think success or perfection is and listen to life.
I love what Cindy Joseph said, “Aging is just another name for living.”

Love the life you have right now — that’s the yummy way!

“Do not grow old, no matter how long you live. Never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which you were born.” Albert Einstein