049_Be Your Own Superhero by Being YOU!

June 01, 2021 Danét Palmer, Parker Smith & Annika Bryn Burton
049_Be Your Own Superhero by Being YOU!
Show Notes

“We love our superheroes because they refuse to give up on us. We can analyze them out of existence, kill them, ban them, mock them, and still they return, patiently reminding us of who we are and what we wish we could be” ~ Grant Morrison

Lar and I have been watching all the Marvel movies lately and it that triggered a conversation about what it is we love about superheroes. Lar, the consummate geek that he is, immersed himself in superhero comics. He introduced me to a whole new world —seen through superhero eyes. 

Superhero  icons symbolize the hope that someone can and will stand up to do the right thing, and that we humans have the potential to do be extraordinary — to think and act in a bigger way than the norm.  Superhero’s inspire something super within us. 

Why do we love superheroes so much? 
Because they speak to something deep inside of us. That part of us that is unique and extraordinary that rises up in times of crisis — or whenever we are truly being ourselves. It is living in integrity with our truth, standing for what we know is right and good. 

Forgiveness is a superpower each of us have. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to forgive — to let go of grudges and see that what others have done isn’t personal. But we take it personally and punish ourselves with it. Choosing to forgive releases the past and lets us be present to what’s actually happening. Forgiveness unleashes access to our other superpowers. Things like love and kindness, joy and integrity. 

Just like the classic movie characters, inside of each of us, we have a little bit of all the characters we see in the world. 
A little villain or passive bystander or victim waiting to be rescued. We need to own all of these aspects as part of the human condition. When we do, it helps us soften our attitude and perception of others when we see them acting in less than ideal ways. 
And we all have a superhero self that wants to stand up and do the right thing. To lend a helping hand, give blood,  food, shelter... a smile, an encouragement or a hug.  

When we’re in our superhero selves we aren’t judging who needs help. Whoever needs the help is who we give what we have to give to. 
Lar tells a story from his childhood about how all his neighbors rose up as superhero’s during wild fire season in California. 
It creates amazing synergy. 
We’ve seen this so much throughout the pandemic. Like the singer in Italy that serenaded the world from his balcony — from this one superhero act, balconies became a place of synergy where we cheered on the superhero’s on the frontlines. Talk about superheroes!!! 

We’re attracted to superhero icon because they speak to the deepest, most yummy part of ourselves. They invites us to live in our integrity with who we are.  What we do comes from where we’re holding ourselves within. 

We all want to be the superhero’s of our lives. 
Being a superhero is being authentically ourselves and choosing to hold to the yummy vibration of love each and every present moment. When we feel yummy, it’s infectious. It’s an energy that gets magnified and draws others in.  
Being my yummy self is my greatest superpower. 

Be a superhero —Smile and stay in the space of love in spite of the outcome. Trusting that who you are is the greatest gift you have to give.