Living With Uncertainty

April 11, 2022 Danét & Lar Palmer
Living With Uncertainty
Show Notes

We’re always living with uncertainty. We just think we have control. None of us really know what’s going to happen next. We only have now and we have the ability to be fully present and actively alive and awake to what is happening right now.
Am I resisting and spinning a story of future catastrophe, or am I accepting what’s happening now, with Love and Joy?

Living with cancer constantly brings this point home.

We have a tendency to predict and plan, imagining we can mitigate our personal, fearful possible future scenarios. But they aren’t reality. That’s imagination. The ego’s job is to create problems to solve — to predict catastrophic outcomes.
If you’ve identified yourself as a problem-solver, you’re always making up problems to solve.
All problems are only problems because we’ve rejected reality and we’ve labeled what’s happening as a problem. But that’s just mental gymnastics.
In actuality, you’re fine. Right here and now. You’re dealing. This is life.

There’s always another way of looking at your situation. To think, “perhaps, life is really going my way right now — how might that way be?”

Lar shares about a situation at work where he initially resisted, but then opened his mind to this perspective that YES! This is just what I wanted! Thank you! Everything goes my way!

And I share about some of the mental gymnastics I got up to doing some yummy book launch parties and surrendering to the flow of each present moment.

Each of us is writing our own story and each story is ALL our stories… We are humankind and we are glorious!!!

Once you get away from the ego running things and you really look at what’s important, and what’s the reality of what’s happening. And you’re not trying to make something happen —you’re not trying to meet some criteria. — You’re just experiencing the all-ness of what you get to experience — It’s absolutely YUMMY exactly as it is!

If you can just keep in mind, that there is no chance the wrong thing is happening — none of us know what that will be — you can live in uncertainty with equanimity…

Life is aways confirming that you’re right where you’re supposed to be and it’s easy to see  if you’re open to seeing it.

Life is going your way — if you’re not experiencing that, you’re just getting in they way of experiencing it, with your mental gymnastics.

We share the way we work with emotions that arise, say, while watching television, and how we allow emotions to arise, own them, and in taking responsibility, we question our beliefs and decisions… and how we bring choice and transformation into our conversation and lives.

Thanks for joining us for another yummy conversation about living The Yummy Way!
And recognizing when we’re not.. and turning the dial toward accountability so you can live present in the moment you are in. — Being fully in the present moment is death to the ego. Because Love and ego can’t occupy the same space.
Love & present Joy, is the yummy way!

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